Life Coaching Services

Life Coaching Services

Why Work With A Life Coach?

Edd Mowbray - Transformational Life Coach. 
Life Coach UK.
Life Coach Online.
Certified Human Potential Coach. ICF Accredited Life Coach.

Are you:

  • Not living up to your potential?
  • Ambitious and wanting to achieve more?
  • Unsatisfied with your current results?
  • Motivated to change?
  • Feeling lost, without direction or purpose?
  • Struggling to stick to plans?
  • Highly stressed?

Life coaching is a tool to help you live your best possible life. Go from good to great, and from great to awesome! It is a partnership that closes the gap between your current reality and your true potential.

Benefits of coaching:

  • Gain insight, clarity, and greater awareness.
  • Build happiness, confidence, purpose, productivity, decisiveness, work-life balance, and more.
  • Attain your goals.
  • Improved wellbeing -> Eudaimonia
  • Reduce your fears and inertia.
  • Replace kryptonite habits and build healthy ones.
  • Identify your obstacles. Generate a bulletproof plan to tackle them.

I talk to people and their lives change. I coach around insight. One insight can change everything.

I coach the committed and the courageous through transformation and optimization.

Take the plunge and book your free consultation to find out more

Free Consultation

Transformational Coach Edd Mowbray. Certified Human Potential Coach. What is a life coach?

First, let’s find out what our chemistry is like. Coaching is an extended, personal relationship and it may be challenging at times. Second, you can experience the power of coaching.

Please clear your schedule for 90 minutes (though we may be finished much sooner).

If you can’t book the time you want, reach out by email or WhatsApp. I do take manual bookings outside of my core hours.

My Training

Certified Human Potential Coach.
ICF Accredited Life Coach.
What is life coaching?

I trained as a life coach at The Human Potential Institute (HPI), an organization founded by Dr. Mark Atkinson & Dave Asprey. This is a thorough, 9-month training program that is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). HPI uses a revolutionary presence-based model to facilitate powerful insights and radical shifts. We also use “embodiment” to bring the bodies’ wisdom online and mine it for novel perspectives. This is a great tool when the analytical mind is stagnant. HPI equipped me with the skills and experience for effective coaching and facilitating change.

ICF accreditation is the gold standard in the coaching industry and a great thing to look out for when finding a coach to work with. This is because the term “Coach” is unregulated and can be used by anyone- the present state of the industry is a bit like the Wild West! Anyone can pick up an online “certification” in two weeks for $39. ICF credentialing allows you to cut through the noise and find professional coaches who adhere to the ICF code of ethics.

I have embarked on another coach certification with “Heroic“. This program integrates knowledge and practices from ancient wisdom to modern science. The hope is to utilize these to live our best lives. These aspects are a real compliment to the skills I have developed at HPI.

Additional Info

Get to know me better.

Read my blog to find out what I’m interested in.

Learn about life coaching and its benefits.

If you want more information before booking a call… Don’t hesitate to get in touch:


“Working with Edd has been a wonderful bonus. Over the course of a few months, I feel more purposeful and clearer about my life direction – and thankfully happier too.

Edd is a patient and kind listener and also ‘delightfully determined’ – he will probe at the right level to uncover some well-hidden truths.

Overall, the experience has been very helpful and a pleasure. I can unreservedly recommend Edd as a great coach!”

J.L. | London (UK)

“Edd is an incredibly inspiring life coach that has helped me tackle various elements of my life so far. He has helped me create a strategy for my work as a self-employed English teacher, explore and use tools for staying grounded and focused, and define my values of which are the foundation I want to live by – amongst many other things.

His style of life coaching builds confidence as he encourages and supports self-discovery in his sessions. I couldn’t recommend Edd more and I look forward to continuing to grow with him.”

Josie Salmon | Hamburg (Germany)


Why should I work with you?

Work with me to transform your life. My programs are committing but fulfilling. I will challenge you and say the things others don’t dare to.

I like to go deep, my sessions are generally longer than other coaches as I like to be as thorough as possible. I also go the extra mile, giving you my full support outside of coaching sessions.

How will we schedule coaching sessions?

This is up to you. I endeavor to be as accommodating as possible. The majority of my sessions take place online using zoom or google meet. If you are in the Leeds (UK) area, we can arrange in-person coaching if you prefer.

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