Life is a journey. 

When stepping into uncharted territories one of two things can happen. You can experience the mystery and wonder of its unseen beauty, or you can get lost, cold, and end up in a terrible place. 

If you prefer the first over the last, then it would be natural to have a guide with you who knows the way. 

Life coaching is that guide. It’s a way to make real changes in your life to get the results you want. 

Accomplishing goals is not an easy task, especially if we don’t have to answer to anyone but ourselves. 

My customized programs will help you gain clarity, find your purpose, help you accomplish your goals, and push you to implement the changes you want to make to your life.

RESULT: You live your best life possible. 

Let’s unlock your potential and boost your impact!

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I’ve been waiting for you. 

Edd Mowbray -> Certified Human Potential Coach

Portrait of Edd Mowbray. A life coach (Certified Human Potential Coach) from the UK. Edd loves working with athletes and other high performers to unlock their potential.

Hi! I’m a Life Coach based in the UK. I coach top performers, athletes, executives, and leaders. My passion is unlocking performance and helping people flourish. I talk to people, and their lives change!

Book your consultation to unlock your potential & boost your impact!

My Path So Far

I have always been fascinated by performance. As a junior athlete, I wanted to know how I could improve my rock climbing. By working hard, (not necessarily smart) I became British Junior Bouldering Champion. I also represented team GB in international competitions.

Since then I have expanded my knowledge. Diving into Biohacking, Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Psychology, Philosophy, Yoga & Mindfulness, and more to find nuggets of wisdom. I love utilizing the latest – and the most ancient – techniques to thrive and develop.

I originally studied Zoology at Sheffield University. My early career was spent in the climbing and construction industries. Finally, I did a stint in a medical laboratory for the NHS. Life coaching was an idea in my head since graduation. But, it seemed unviable to me at the time as a fresh 21-year-old! My quest for meaning in life brought me back to coaching 6 years later and I’ve been loving it ever since.

I am interested in what makes people tick and unlocking performance (I write about this in my blog). This stems from my journey as a competitive climber. I no longer compete, but I want to climb the hardest sport climbs possible. I grab every trick and tactic along the way that might help me do so.

My “good life” is simple: spend time in nature and with loved ones, challenge myself, serve others and live a healthy lifestyle. I am interested in the cutting-edge science of longevity. My generation might make to 180 years young!